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Prices vary a lot! From a very small, intimate ceremony with a few couple photos to large, full day events with lots of people! Consider getting photos of; getting ready (both bride and groom), first meet, ceremony, group shots, couple shoot, toast, dinner, party etc. Prices range from $250 dollars at the low end to $1500 for a large wedding covering a full day. Our couples typically spend $500 to $750.


Portrait shoots

One location, single, couple, friends and/or family; From $125. 


Residential Real Estate

Interior and exterior package studio or one bedroom apartment.     $ 125
Interior and exterior package house/apartment up to 3000 sq.ft.  $ 175
Interior and exterior package house/apartment above 3000 sq.ft.  priced individually


Comercial Real Estate

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Dusk/Evening photos are not included in the residential real estate packages. Upon request a recommendation for evening photos can be made. Pricing will be determined individually depending on the complexity of the photoshoot with a starting price of $ 50 per photo.