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Portrait photo of former Miss Netherlands, Tessa on a scooter on Bonaire.StinaCouple Shoot BonaireProposal, BonaireDelfins Beach Resort BonaireBeach Wedding BonaireRomantic couple under tree in KralendijkA chef at Brass Boer on Delfins Resort Bonaire preparing food.Brass Boer, BonaireProposal,BonaireJonnie & Thérèse - Brass Boer, BonaireSparkler exit for bride and groom at Parel van Zuilen. Sterretjes bij vertrek van bruidspaar.Bouquet toss after wedding ceremony on the beach of Delfins Beach Resort, Bonaire.Bride and groom walking through park of Parel van Zuilen during couple shoot.An evening at the bar of Brass Boer, Delfins Beach Resort on Bonaire.Black and White photo of staff in kitchen of Brass Boer Restaurant  on Delfins Beach Resort Bonaire.Dusk/blue hour photography of villa in Sabadeco, Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean.Black and white reflection photo of a Bearded Collie named  Kizzy.